Hurstville Grove Infants School

Building, Nurturing and Inspiring the Future

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Principal's message

Hurstville Grove Infants School is a small school that nurtures and inspires the growth and development of students as they commence their formal years of schooling from Kindergarten to Year 2. With a committed and dedicated staff, the school strives to excel with educational delivery and has a strong and positive culture. It is known amongst the broader community for its wellbeing and visible learning practices. We are a school that continues to evolve in our pursuit of excellence by providing high quality educational programs that focus on the individual child through explicit teaching within small group learning environments.

Hurstville Grove Infants School aims to build, nurture and inspire its students for the future. There is an expectation that the school community work together to deliver respectful, responsible learners that collaborate, create, critically think and communicate as they endeavour to achieve their individual learning goals. The school is proud of its capacity to bring K-6 school experiences to its doors, offering an array of leadership opportunities and co-curricular activities such as dance, yoga and swimming.

Our transition program ensures our students find success as they commence Kindergarten and exit the school in Year 2 and progress to other educational settings in preparation for Year 3, from where they have proven to achieve outstanding NAPLAN results.

We look forward to you and your family becoming a member of “The Grove” community, where every child and family is personally known and valued.

Kylie McKinnon